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  1. Dog Rescue and Adoption
    Hello people, I’ve just found this forum and haven’t spent ages finding out what is where so if I am posting in the wrong page or my questions are already answered elsewhere then please let me know. We are thinking of getting a dog, preferably a Puppy. We have been working for a long time from...
  2. Dog Training and Behaviour
    Hi everyone, My pup is 10 weeks old and she won't go down a step. I live in a flat so there are stairs. And I read somewhere that going down a set of stairs doesn't come naturally to a dog (don't know if that's true) and so I did what the article suggested, with treats and lots of...
  3. Dog Chat
    Hi there! I am writing this thread as I wanted some advice. I bought a new puppy as I was supposed to be moving out of my mums house into my own house in may. The puppy will be ready in a couple of weeks and due to corona virus my house is not ready to move into yet. Due to this my golden...
1-3 of 3 Results