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  1. Dog Chat
    Hi, I am going to pick up the 10 month old Chihuahua on Sunday but know that he is quite a nervous dog and not had much socialisation and has been left alone a lot due to the current owners work commitments (which is the reason she is now selling him) Has anyone ever experienced getting a dog...
  2. Dog Chat
    hi everyone, My new dog came today and he has been quite anxious but has settled in well this evening. My other dog who has been a spoilt princess for the past year or so, isn't taking too well. She is salivating non stop and doesn't really want to bother with us. Anyone have any experience...
  3. Dog Boarding
    Hi all, new here, I have just been approved my license for home boarding & daycare. I have a (nearly 2), female labrador, she is very friendly with dogs out an about and has been to dog daycare, dog socials etc no problem, we also have the neighbours dogs around a lot which she loves. Ive put...
1-3 of 3 Results