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  1. Cat Chat
    Hello everyone This is my first post so please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong! My furr baby Caspar (7 yrs) went missing last Thursday and managed to drag himself home on Saturday. He went to the vets that morning who xrayed and confirmed a broken pelvis, so strict cage rest for 4...
  2. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hello, My 8 year old male cat came home one day and started acting differently, hiding under a bed, crying, not eating. Took him to my vet who checked him, but he was in too much pain and hard to assess. Took him to emergency vet, Blood tests all OK, X-ray , ultrasound all OK, rested for two...
  3. Dog Chat
    Hi I’m very worried about a lovely whippet puppy pheobe I am looking after for a close friend. She is only 11 months oldand 4 weeks ago started finding it hard to get up, she quickly became very quiet and found it harder to get up. We took her to the vet after 2 days she suspects a trapped...
  4. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hi everyone! Like lot's of people, i'm trying to change how I live in a way that will have minimul lasting impact on the planet. My lovely cat Winnie was born with nerve damage to her back end which has left her with a bit of an odd waddle, no bladder or bowel control and a limp tail! When she...
1-4 of 4 Results