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  1. Cat Chat
    Hi there, I moved into a new house in the summer, and saw there was an older large ginger cat constantly sat outside a window waiting to be let in. It seemed to be sat there all day, sleeping on the ledge. As it was warm, and we were new to the area, I wasn't too worried, but after a while I...
  2. Dog Chat
    Hey guys. I wondered if anyone has any experience with injury when in the care of professional third party dog care. We left our dog with a dog sitter for the day yesterday, he is a 9 month pup for which we have to pay a little extra. They walk them off the lead, which is fine he's good on...
  3. Small Animal Chat
    Hi everyone :) For the past two weeks, we've had our four bunnies boarded locally (Cheshire) with a lady who had glowing reviews online and an absolutely lovely lodge and garden for small animals. However, when letting our bunnies out of their transport boxes (she had already packed them up...
1-3 of 3 Results