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  1. Cat Chat
    Hi, Next month I'll be moving into an apartment with my 4 year old female cat and the house mates already have 2 sibling cats a male and female that are 2 years old. My cat has no experience with other cats and she's a fully indoor cat. She's quite clingy which I love. She spends 90% of her...
  2. Cat Chat
    Hazey (F, spayed), my 5 year old tends to be quite distant with my other cats, she dislikes other cats invading her space and makes that very clear by punching, hissing, "screaming" (it's a high pitched growl sort of sound but it sounds like she's in pain or something) when other cats bother...
  3. Cat Training and Behaviour
    Hi all, I have 3 cats who have coexisted together for a minimum of 4 years. 4yo Ragdoll male, 6yo DSH female and 8yo DSH male. We moved to a new house 6 months ago with not much trouble, they settled into the space a lot quicker than expected. We have been letting them outside supervised. Today...
1-3 of 3 Results