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  1. Cat Health and Nutrition
    So my 2 cats were spayed a week ago, one is completely fine. The other used to have a lot of diarrhoea until I found her the right food but was fine pre spay, about 3 days after spay she started having mucusy diarrhoea and this has carried on until now, sometimes it's fully runny, sometimes...
  2. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hello everyone, I was hoping if someone could give me insight on a situation I am having. My four year old Australian Shepard/ Dashchund mix has been diagnosed with coccidia after a month of bloody and mucous stools. They gave him Albon for 12 days, and it still has not cleared up. I have been...
  3. Cat Classifieds
    TRDV Protocol for Cats 3 Part Program For Vomiting and Diarrhea (Tuna Flavour) £75 OVNO *This is our first ad here, posting as we recently lost our cat due to other health problems so this TRDV protocol - excellent as it was - was a case of too little too late, and wasn't able to address some...
1-3 of 3 Results