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  1. Dog Chat
    Hi, hopefully someone can help. Tuesday 16th December we booked are dog in at the kennels for 22nd to 30th as we where planning on going to Devon for the ‘Christmas bubble’ however this has obviously had to be cancelled. We have got into contact with the kennels and they are saying it is non...
  2. Dog Breeding
    Hello all, I have a batch of GSDs who just starting growing in their ears at about 5 weeks. This caused us to notice that we have a puppy with a deformed ear. It is sort of scrunched up with a medium sized cleft, and a smaller opening. Clearly we were not paying enough attention to his ears to...
  3. Dog Chat
    Hi I have looked through the forum and picked up a few guiding points. I’d like advice on this... Paying a deposit on a dog which we haven’t seen. We have seen the mum. But what I’m worried about is, we won’t see / pick until 6 weeks old but they want a £200 deposit at 1 week old. I want to...
  4. Cat Breeding
    Three weeks ago I viewed a kitten at a breeders. I met the breeder and she seemed really nice and happy for me to put a deposit down which I did for the kitten. I was due to pick up the kitten in a weeks time from today. I have been keeping in regular contact with the breeder to see how the...
  5. Cat Chat
    I have 2 cats, live alone and don’t make a lot of money at the moment. Doing my expenses made me realise that I’ve spent hundreds of £s on my two little beauties (which I personally wouldn’t trade for the world), but wondered if anyone has ever had to, or thought about rehoming their cat to save...
  6. Dog Walking
    Hello, does anyone know of an insurance plan which allows you to commit to less than a year in advance? I know it's possible to pay in monthly installments but I can't find a plan where it's possible to cancel after 6 months for example. Thanks in advance
1-6 of 6 Results