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  1. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hi all, First time posting. So apologies if I'm doing anything wrong. My BSH is 6 months old boy, around 4kg, very very good appetite (always hungry), generally very happy and healthy. BUT He doesn't meow. He Roars? Is this normal? Google obviously told me he has a life threatening throat...
  2. Cat Chat
    I know it’s all about the individual, right? Some are more talkative than others. I love their personality and graceful beauty. Do you think there is a “Siamese mix” I can try at the shelter that might be less vocal based on coat coloring? Say, Siamese with tabby? Or lighter color Siamese...
  3. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hello, My cat is old but not entirely sure of exact age as it was a stray cat that ended up in our home. It started with ear mites around two months ago and since his health has gotten worse. He is now very skinny, doesn't seem to eat and when it does it's not much. The vet said the mites...
  4. Cat Health and Nutrition
    My cat won't stop meowing since I came back from my daily job, that will drive me crazy at some point, but what’s even worse is the fact that my kitty may be acting this way for a serious reason. Any Advices, please Thanks
  5. Introductions
    The cats and dogs in my neighborhood are in danger. Unfortunately few of them already passed out because of Leishmaniasis, some are in the veterinary healing. I can't afford healing them anymore and the disease is growing among them, the healthy ones are in my house, eat and sleep well, while i...
  6. Cat Chat
    Good morn I recently adopted a 10 week old kitten. (2 nights ago) He was born in a litter of 5. Before I adopted him, his previous owner said he was very very timid probably due to the fact she didn't have too much one on one time with him, living in a household with 3 young children. I want...
  7. Cat Training and Behaviour
    i have 3 cats 2 of them are 18 month old Birman’s and I love them so mum. Dali, the male cat, is causing so much bother in my home. He is loving and adorable but he starts meowing at 3-4am and can continue for hours. If we do not wake up he starts chewing cables, tipping over water bottles...
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1-10 of 10 Results