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  1. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hey i don't know whether or not my dog is concussed and I need to know wether or not to bring him to the vets. We were playing a few hours ago and then when he jumped for his toy he slipped onto his back and hit both his back and head. He stopped playing for a few mins and he was fine playing...
  2. Dog Rescue and Adoption
    About him Neeko also responds to dog-face, pooch, dog-brain or whatever nickname we decide to throw at him... He is a clever, medium sized dog with an abnormally fluffy neck! He enjoys being trained, since it's the one-on-one attention he loves to get. He is also playful, yet will calm down in a...
  3. Dog Rescue and Adoption
    Hi My son and I are crazy animal lovers and currently share our home with our two collie crosses and two crazy cats and would love to find another fur baby to share our lives, love and home. We would prefer a small/medium dog but as long as they get on with the others that's all we're bothered...
  4. Alba

    Our 7 month old puppy girl Alba (cross-breed)
  5. Alba

    Our 7 month old puppy girl Alba (cross-breed)
1-6 of 6 Results