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  1. Cat Breeding
    My foster cats litter is two weeks old now and I'm still not 100% if they're male of females. Any ideas?
  2. Cat Training and Behaviour
    So my girl cat had a litter and now she’s been neutered, we’ve kept two of the litter which were boys they have also been done now. She was the runt of the little when she was born so she’s still small, the boys are both now the same size as her. They mean no harm and are loving boys they’re...
  3. Rabbits
    Hi, recently (just over a month ago) we became owners of two male rabbit. Sadly around 2 of weeks ago one of our male rabbits became really unwell, so we took him to the vets where he was put on a drip IV and was given strong antibiotics, with the vet hoping that it was just a infection, however...
1-3 of 3 Results