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  1. Watercolour Of Jackson

    My Paintings of favorite cats. This is one of a set of 4 paintings I did of my sister's Maine Coon cats. Sadly Jackson was eventually a victim of his own adventurous spirit and the roads.
  2. Leo In The Snow

    Maine coon Leo (Loncoon Red Hotshot) enjoying the snow
  3. Ollie In The Snow

    Ollie enjoying his first taste of snow
  4. Lizzy In A Shopping Bag!

    Lizzy loves getting into bags and boxes
  5. Dexter

  6. My Beautiful Maine Coons

    Fluffs (M) and Princess (F) at 7 months
  7. My Beautiful Maine Coons

    Fluffs (M) at 7 months
  8. My Beautiful Maine Coons

    Fluffs (M) and Princess (F) at 7 months
  9. Maine Coons

    Fluffs (M)
  10. Maine Coons

    Fluffs (M)
  11. Maine Coons

    Princess (F) She had a poor start, had severe cat flu when I brought her home from her previous owner, she's 7 months old, I've had her for 7 weeks and she is now in good health, apart from a snuffly nose every now and then.
  12. Maine Coon

    Fluffy (M)
  13. Vixie

  14. Kato Playing With His Bird

    Kato at 5 1/2 months, playing with Da Bird toy. Check out his mad expression in the reflection to the left. He's a Maine Coon X, all excited chirrups and trills.
  15. Kato Dreaming Of Being Outdoors

    Kato at 5 1/2 months taking a break from the hard job that is being a kitten.
  16. Dexter Being Dexter

    Just lounging around
  17. Marcel, Honey & Bodmin

    Three gorgeous Coonies from Loncoon Maine Coons
  18. Mawawa

    A 6 y.o. Maine Coon from New York thinking about his bright future.
1-20 of 47 Results