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  1. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Lola has a swollen lump at base of tail that seems to be weeping or oozing , someone mentioned to me that limp tail maybe it but when reading up about it carnt see anything about oozing but she has been trying to but the tail and nore at it , please if anyone could give me an I might to what it...
  2. Dog Chat
    Hi all! Glad I've signed up here to see all your wonderful pups. This has been there for a week and today it bled ever so slightly. I think he bashed it by by accident, I disinfected the area. Is it a Histiocytoma? The dog is a Lab x GSD and he is 9 weeks old TIA all :)
  3. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hi everyone, after a bit of advice, the dropping bit under the big canine tooth in my dogs mouth looks like it has small lumps. I’ve posted pics. My lab is only 4, otherwise in good health and it hasn’t bothered her eating a drinking. Has anyone experienced this?
  4. Rabbits
    Hi all Of course i have messaged the vets, they said to phone tomorrow, and I plan to phone first thing. But I have found several lumps on my rabbits chest/stomach. Does anyone have any experience of this? I’m worried He’s 9 years old
  5. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hi fellow Cat folks.... I've never posted before but i have a question if anyone can help? Tigga is roughly 18mnths young girl cat... been spayed. Just got over a couple days of cold food and wet mouth etc..shes fine now but ive just found a small lump behind her front right leg at the...
  6. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hi I have a 5 year old female short-haired dachshund. About 4 years ago I noticed she had a few small lumps on her side, everyone told me that it was nothing serious and that a lot of dogs get it. Lately though the lumps seem to be slowly growing and it's starting to bother her. I'm also...
1-6 of 6 Results