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  1. Cat Training and Behaviour
    Hello! I got my kitten Nancy in June and she came to me not litter box trained. I quickly got her using litter boxes, however I believe she is more location trained then she is litter trained because when I moved her litter box she went to the bathroom in the old location a few times and tried...
  2. Small Animal Chat
    In 2015 my boyfriend and I rescued a ferret, I will save you the awful story but we ended up picking him up late at night, when we came across an online post of his previous owner ‘giving him away.’ We were told he was a male, and 4 years old. Here we are, 5 years later, he’s about 9 now...
  3. Rabbits
    a week ago me and my boyfriend got two male bunnies, we four are doing great so far! i’m trying to implement the litterbox policy but that’s the only thing that’s just not happening. i know it takes time and everything, but please read the facts below: 1- when they first came home there was NO...
1-3 of 3 Results