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  1. Small Animal Chat
    Hi everyone, I purchased two baby male Russian Dwarf hamsters yesterday. They have obviously been sleeping all day, but even at this time now they’re sleeping. If I turn the lights off then they come out but as soon as I put my little lamp on they go back away to sleep. I’m wondering how I’m...
  2. Tropical Aquarium Advice
    Hi everyone, I have an Aqua One Ecostyle 81 aquarium with built-in LED strip lights. However they aren't very good for growing plants, even easy ones. I've looked online but LED strip lights don't seem to have the same connection which connects the strip to the power/mains (sorry im not sure...
  3. Fish Keeping Chat
    Hi all, I have just picked up a 200L from a friend. It has been sitting in the house for about a year so I hope to bring it back to life! First of I need an appropriate filter, currently only have a small 55L internal. I have attached some picks of a reasonable external I found , is this an...
  4. Turtles and Tortoises
    I will soon be getting a mud turtle and it needs a heat light and a UVB light but do the lights need to stay on during the night or can i turn them off ?
  5. Marine Aquarium Advice
    hi all, Recently my neon light has broken and have tried everything to fix with no success. I have brought a temporary led light from amazon, the light from this is obviously much much less meaning the tank is darker by some way than before. Will this cause any issues for my fish or plant...
  6. Snakes
    Hi! I recently got a ball python about two months ago, if even. He's quite big and active at night so I'm already considering moving him into maybe a 60 gallon tank, a glass one at that. His tank Is made out of oak so his UVB is wired inside his tank and hangs from the "ceiling" of it. But at...
1-6 of 6 Results