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  1. Dog Breeding
    Hi, I'm new to breeding and bred my cavalier girl who is health tested to a health tested poodle stud and am trying to do the best by the puppies(three are going to family which is the reason for the litter as my family cant afford these crazy prices) I have sold one puppy and a deposit has...
  2. Dog Chat
    Yesterday was full of drama... First he broke he dew claw then I had an intruder into the flats I live in at 02:30 The question. In the event if I encounter someone who unlawfully entered the building in the halls of the building I live in (not my personal flat) and they attack me with the dog...
  3. Dog Chat
    Please help... I know this sounds stupid but I only just found out that my dog needs to be microchipped. I'm panicking so much. I have social anxiety so I literally never go out unless it's to walk my dog. I take him out in the morning and then late at night so I don't bump into anyone. I have...
  4. Bird Chat
    Hi, I am quite confused about keeping owls in the UK as websites tend to have conflicting information. Could someone give me a quick brief on the UK laws on the keeping of owls
1-4 of 4 Results