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  1. Dog Breeding
    Hi, my Mini Labradoodle Penny will hopefully be having her first litter this year. I'm just wondering if it is worth registering her with The Kennel Club? The stud we are using is KC registered & we are only letting her have 1 litter. Thanks in advance
  2. Dog Breeding
    Hi - we have a labradoodle F1bb. Mother is F1b and father is purebred poodle. If we decide to let her have a litter, what would we need to breed her with? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
  3. General Chat
    Hi everyone. New to here as doing a bit of research and came across this site. About 4 weeks ago we (probably stupidly) put a deposit of £200 down on a labradoodle puppy that we saw advertised on Pets4homes. The advert looked legit and the initial communication with the seller seemed fine...
  4. Dog Breeding
    I recently moved in with a friend whos dog turned out to be pregnant. It was an unplanned pregnancy which he wasn't even aware of until we confirmed it. The male dog was his sister's dog and was totally unwanted wand he warned her a few times not to let him do it. however, he had to leave his...
  5. Dog Training and Behaviour
    We have a beautiful rust-coloured 10-month-old miniature Labradoodle named Rosie. From early on we noticed food aggression, and from the outset practised various methods we read online to desensitize her to approach (E.g nice treats dropped by bowl, slow feeder bowl etc). Initially it seemed...
  6. Dog Chat
    Hello, I'm looking for advice. We are about to buy a labradoodle. There is a litter that we like a lot but the trouble is that mum who is a Labrador and the family pet had not had her hips screened or eyes tested. The owners later sent a text to say they can't get hold of her breeders for more...
  7. Dog Health and Nutrition
    My labradoodle puppy is 5 months old and we have noticed that her back legs twist in slightly at times when she walks. We have been given advice that it can be done to her bones growing but to us it doesn't seem right so wanted another opinion. We have asked the vets who have just said to...
  8. Lexi Labradoodle

    1st Cross
  9. Those Eyes!

    She's growing so much!
  10. Sleepy Pup

    She's growing so much!
  11. My Beautifull Puppys

    some of the pups i have to sell
  12. My Beautifull Puppys

    some of the pups i have to sell
1-14 of 14 Results