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  1. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hi I'm aware there have been posts a few years ago but I wanted to reopen a new thread on feeding kittens fresh meat. I have one Siamese kitty and an oriental joining him shortly. Both feeding on royal canin kitten pouches and dry biscuits. However I wanted to supplement their diets with...
  2. Cat Breeding
    hi! on monday we found a stray cat and her kittens in my grandmas garage! the garage wasn't very safe for the kittens and my grandma had been feeding her for a while so we were sure she isn't someone's pet so we decided the best action would be to house them with us. we've also asked neighbours...
  3. Cat Breeding
    hi, I just rescued a mum cat and her three babies who are 10 days old. Unfortunately one died on Sunday. The issues I’m having are: - I’m not sure if she is helping the kittens poop or not, when i’ve tried nothing is coming out. (The vets told me to do this due to her not being the best mother)...
  4. Cat Training and Behaviour
    Is it okay that my 7 week kitten who we only got today to be under my bed whilst I sleep. Or should I get her out before I go to sleep?
  5. Cat Rescue and Adoption
    Hello all, Hope you and your cats are all fab! :) I have a big upsetting situation happened just now and I need advice please. I live in the house with 3 friends and One of my friends ex girlfriend bought a beautiful kitten couple of months ago. However she never agreed with her landlord that...
1-5 of 5 Results