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  1. Rabbits
    Hello, my daughter has been asking for a rabbit for well over 4 years now she is older (11) I have agreed to this as she has had pets in-between which she has shown she can look after. This is not something we are rushing into, I want to ensure we have the best advice and fully research...
  2. Rabbits
    Hey all! We've had our pet rabbit for a couple of months now (4ish) and she's been de-sexed. Just wanted to ask some questions about taking care of her. 1. Hay - She used to eat plenty of hay but recently (last month) she's been eating very little. She'll eat leafy vegetables no problems and...
  3. Rabbits
    Hi all, Before the huge winter coldness and snow strikes our area I have purchased a couple of heat pads for my bunnies which I plan to use in their bed compartment. I have a hutch cover which remains closed all day and night at the top of the Hutch only (Not the bottom run) as it is very cold...
  4. Small Animal Chat
    HI, I have the bluebell hutch from pets at home. I am looking for a cover to protect from heavy rain and snow, however the [email protected] cover as poor reviews. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks
  5. Ferrets
    hello, I'm new to the forum, i've seen a lot of posts that suggest that people often keep their ferrets outdoors...I have a deck attachment which is fully enclosed but not insulated, I want to know if the temperatures (which can drop into negative degrees Celsius during winter) are still...
  6. Rabbits
    Help!!! My boy is 13 weeks old, lovely friendly boy but when it comes to bedtime he hides in the furthest corner of his hutch from me! (He has a two tierd with 'bedroom' at the top with a slide closing door and a attached run below) it's been so hard trying to shut him in at night I'm having to...
1-6 of 6 Results