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  1. Dog Chat
    An older couple gave me their husky because they couldn't really give her enough exercise anymore she's nearly 3, I haven't heard her bark yet shes howled a little bit when I left her alone, haven't had one before so I'm not sure if her size is normal or if she's a bit short here's a pic of her...
  2. Dog Chat
    i’m thinking of getting a new puppy i’ve done weeks and weeks of research on huskies and watched training videos on every topic i can think of that concerns huskies, ive messaged husky owners on their experience and tips and i’m use to dogs like german shepherds and handling them but IM SO...
  3. Dog Training and Behaviour
    I’ve had a female husky for about a year now and she’s very well behaved, but has some separation anxiety. I adopted a new (male) husky about 2 weeks ago from a shelter as a new companion for both me and my female husky. They’ve both been getting along well so far and play well together, have...
  4. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hi there, let me introduce you to my 6 year old boy alaskan malamute/husky mix Kyto that we recently adopted from the shelter.Kyto has been abused 3 times by several owners (heavily abused) and neglected, he also lived outside, in all weather, in a very small bench in which he spent more than...
  5. Dog Chat
    Our two, Fat Boy Blue and his sister Little Luna, are now 7 years old. The shedding has always been massive, but recently seems worse than ever. No change in diet, both very healthy, just looking for tips on which vacuum cleaner! We have had Dysons and Sharks, but neither were great. Any...
  6. Dog Training and Behaviour
    My Husky is in no way an aggressive dog. She’s never showed this behavior in her life. However, I’m watching a 1 year old lab for a week who isn’t fixed and he’s a male dog and she’s a female. Which probably has something to do with it. He’s crate trained which is good. She’s not though...
  7. Dog Breeding
    I recently moved in with a friend whos dog turned out to be pregnant. It was an unplanned pregnancy which he wasn't even aware of until we confirmed it. The male dog was his sister's dog and was totally unwanted wand he warned her a few times not to let him do it. however, he had to leave his...
  8. Dog Chat
    i recently adopted a 5 month old Pomsky who I’ve named Farley. It might sound dumb but he seems like a melanistic husky coloring because he seems black all over (where white would be on a normal colored husky) as well as some patches of white but where would be black or brown on a husky he has...
  9. Dog Chat
    Hi all, I've been looking for a community online to read up on dog tips, training etc and this seems like a great place. This is Milo: He's a 9 month old Goberian (Half Husky and Golden Retriever). His dad was a pure white husky, with blue eyes. His mum was also white, but had brown eyes...
  10. Dog Chat
    Hi. I'm a 15 year old who asked for a dog for their birthday, under one circumstance: It would have to be my responsibility. I said "sure, it'll be fine!" and delved deep into the internet, reading as much as I possibly could. I ended up finding a- wait for it- Siberian husky. Not only that...
  11. Dog Training and Behaviour
    Hello, I’ve got 2 huskies who I’ve collected at the shelter. I’ve been visiting them for the past 8 weeks and took them home this weekend. Both have been “done” and they are 4 years old. They have lived together at the shelter for the past year. Problem: he keeps trying to “try it on” with...
  12. Kody Pictures

    taking it easy
  13. Kody Pictures

  14. Kody Pictures

    smile for the camera
  15. Levi

    Our Levi, Rotti cross Husky.
  16. Pet Portraits

    Pet portrait of two Siberian Huskies.
  17. Honey

    my husky x staffy cross
  18. Puppy Dex

    Dex as new pup
  19. Puppy Dex

    Dex as new pup
  20. Puppy Dex

    Dex as new pup
1-20 of 64 Results