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  1. Cat Training and Behaviour
    Hi all, My 3 year old cat Penny has been hiding for almost 2 weeks now, she started hiding behind the sofa or under the radiator on 30/12. She is absolutely petrified by her own tail. When she moves between the two hiding places she's crouched down and creeping round. Penny is a house cat and...
  2. Cat Training and Behaviour
    Hello, Myself and my partner have recently rehomed a beautiful one year old ragdoll cat and are just looking for a bit of advice on how to look after her! She came to us as her previous owner was a breeder and she didn’t get on with the other cats. It’s the first time we’ve owned a cat and so...
  3. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hello! My lovely cat Jaffa has just turned 15. Recently we have become concerned about an intermittent health problem she seems to be having.. She appears to be having small seizures in her limbs and neck, when it happened in front of a friend who is a vet said it looks like she's having some...
1-3 of 3 Results