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  1. Cat Chat
    Hi guys I’m looking for some advice. I live alone in a one bed apartment & work Mon-Fri. I’m usually out from 8-6 during the work day. I’d love to get a cat as the previous owner of the flat had one without issue. However I need someone to tell me if I’m being selfish by getting a house cat and...
  2. Cat Training and Behaviour
    Hi- boyfriend to cat mumma here! I'm new here but wanted to seek some advice on the behaviour of 1 of 2 of my girlfriends cats. Obviously with COVID everyone's working days have been a little different. I am able to work from home and so recently moved in with my girlfriend who is a nurse...
  3. Cat Training and Behaviour
    Tonight I was washing my hands in the bathroom with the door open and the litter box is just outside and my cat bypassed it and when in the corner in bathroom and urinated there. She has never done this before. Was me standing near the box cause her to suddenly do this or is it a medical thing?
  4. Introductions
    I just joined I have an elderly black cat who is a house cat and just want to say hi.
  5. Cat Health and Nutrition
    The last few days on an off my cat has had dried blood on her nose. It comes and goes. She has just gotten a new scratch mat and she rubs her face on it. She is neither up or down with it. She is a house cat and nearly 15 and never had any problems. Any advice?
  6. Cat Chat
    I have a few open and closed questions to ask as I am studying level 1 animal care to hopefully become a veterinary nurse. For my assignment I need to make a scrapbook of a chosen subject which I have picked cats (mainly domestic cats) I would be grateful if you could answer a few questions...
1-6 of 6 Results