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  1. Wildlife Chat
    I was visiting Luds Church in England a tourist type cave ancient site located in woodland near to Staffordshire on my way back I walked past a farm and seen a nice Horse and a baby foul as I got near the gate the baby Horse came running to see me.
  2. Wildlife Chat
    I was doing some wildlife photography in the Buxton countryside. Thankfully the rain had stopped for a while. I was passing over some farm land on a public footpath and saw these two horses, so I had to go over to say hello. They were really friendly.
  3. General Chat
    Hi all, As part of my HNC in Animal Management I'm working on a project that explores whether the humanisation of companion animals (pets) influences the rescue of fledgling birds. The questions are open to anyone with any kind of pet/companion animal (or even if you don't have any pets...
  4. Horse Chat
    Hi! Did someone buy a horse through some website?
  5. Horse Chat
    I’ve been learning to ride and I’ve been confused about one thing. My teacher explained that if you want to turn the horse, apply pressure with the outside leg (horses move away from pressure). But when I did this, it almost did nothing. I went on the internet to see how it’s done and some...
  6. Horse and Equestrian Classifieds
    Its been a while since I posted on this site. TBH, I am glad to see the back of 2019 as it was a difficult year due to ill health. I am back as they say, and my launch picture is "wild thing" as thats what I intend to be this 2020. OK, im a nail artist :-) some of you are thinking, beautician...
  7. Horse Health and Nutrition
    so one of my horses has recently been kicked by one of our other horses and his knee and lower leg are really hot And swollen and I’m not sure what to do at the moment it is wrapped with iodine and Manuka cream but the swelling has not been reduced at all I have no ice boots or poultice and I’m...
  8. Horse Chat
    I recently had a horse checked out ( 9yo sports horse) and the vet found a mild weakness on the rear hind leg. This is present in all exercise but does not increase. Note that the horse is not as muscly as I intent him to be so we still need to increase muscle mass. The vet said it is a small...
  9. Horse Riding and Training
    my friend who is 12 nearly thirteen is looking to loan a 14-15hh jumping/all rounder pony, it it her first time loaning so preferably not a challenging pony. The pony needs to be able to jump 70cm - 1 metres at least. The pony will have to stay on its yard as she does not have facilities. The...
  10. Horse Chat
    What breed would you say she is? She's a NF but everyone thinks she has a little bit of something else in her. What do you think?
  11. Horse Chat
    Hi all, I am really feeling low about this situation, so please respond with kindness. Apologies also for the essay! We bought Tim 10 years ago when I was 16. Due to my age he went in to my aunt's name (she is my legal guardian). He was underweight when we bought him but he passed a full...
  12. Horse Chat
    Hello, does anyone knows the exact name of the coat colour of the horse in the middle of the attached file? I know it's probably a kind of bay but under bay or brown horse I only find too bright or too dark horses. No horse is similar to this one. I really want to know if this coat color has a...
  13. Horse Riding and Training
    Hello, around a year ago I bought a 8 years old 16hh Hanoverian mare which was formerly used for show jumping. She's absolutely worse at it and so her owner decided to sell her to someone to perform another discipline with her. Her owner described her as a very sweet mare that would never refuse...
  14. Horse Chat
    I thought it might be fun to tell each other about our horses or ponies. Name: Durango Gender:gelding Breed: quarter horse Height: 14.2 hands Coler/markings: he's a chestnut with a blaze Discipline: he's really just a pleasure horse Age: the vet said around 21 yr About them: Durango...
  15. Introductions
    Hello! I'm new. I'm a horse rider and a dog lover My horse is a 21 year old quarter horse gelding. He's a retired roper and his name is Durango My dog is golden retriever German shepherd mix. She loves to play fetch and go on long walks. Her name is Pookie. That's a little bit about me hope...
  16. Hay And Straw

    Looking for healthy horse feed? Find all kinds of Hay and Straw, Horse Feed, Horse Bedding and More from Thorogood’s. We are cheap, we give discounts and we make prompt delivery! Call us at 01245 423002!
  17. Felix My Gelding

    11 Year old boy fantastic at jumping. Great to hack, lovely with the dogs!
  18. Horses

    Hollie (Bay) and RIP Roz (Grey)
  19. Horses

    Hollie (Bay) and RIP Roz (Grey)
1-20 of 26 Results