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  1. Small Animal Chat
    Hi! Not sure how this website works lol but I thought I’d see if anyone had an answer. My ferret, Casper, has started making a strange wretching/gagging?? sound. He doesn’t have any trouble with eating and his toilets are normal but after he yawns or swallows he makes the sound. I’ve searched...
  2. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hi, This is going to be a long one so please bare with me. Myself and my partner rehomed a 7 year old (8 in March 2022) Jack Russell Terrier in early July 2021. She was rehomed from my partners family, who never took her to the vets (as far as we’re aware) despite her unplanned pregnancy (age...
  3. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hi everyone, Our new kitten is 14 weeks old and only weighs 570g. He was the only surviving cat of his litter and was the smallest. He's so tiny, but full of beans, bursting with energy and has a good appetite. He's been wormed by the previous owner and by ourselves using panacur. We have a vet...
  4. Chinchillas
    I just took this guy on (was previously owned by a family member) his ears are dry and patchy as pictured. Is this ear mites or is it just dirt build-up? Also are the red mark on the back of concern?
  5. Dog Chat
    Hello everyone, does anybody know if there are any doggy bugs going around at the moment? Our nearly one year old cocker has been having watery diarrhoea for the last 24 hours and she has vomited three times! We are fasting her today, and resting her instead of going on walks, to see if it will...
  6. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hi everyone I am new here! My beautiful baby spends most of her day on the mat as it’s summer here so it’s hot in the house, but in the evening it’s cold but she still decides to use it is this normal would this make her ill or harm her?
  7. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hi guys I’m a newbie. Have been following for a while. my beautiful boy needs to lose a bit of weight. I have the diet all sorted but just want to know what has been the best product you’ve used to encourage your cats weight loss? Feedback is appreciated. thanks
  8. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hi All, new to the forum, was looking for advice for our cat. we got a new cat last year as a kitten and he has been doing great but recently he has not been eating. We took him to the vet and had a full check up and blood tests and they are not sure what is wrong. He seems to have issues with...
  9. Chinchillas
    Hey! I have tried googling the symptoms but I still don't quite know what's wrong with the chinchilla. He is lethargic, barely eats anything, still drinks but not much, heavy-ish breathing, drool on chin and stomach and his head is tilted. I would have taken him to the vet as soon as he started...
  10. Bird Health and Nutrition
    Hello, My two-week old budgie has developed a lump on the right side of its neck. I first noticed it 2 days ago, when it appeared as a red spot, but shorty after it started swelling and now it looks like a pea. The lump is red, swollen, not too soft or too hard. My budgie is very hot to touch. I...
  11. Dog Chat
    Hi all! Glad I've signed up here to see all your wonderful pups. This has been there for a week and today it bled ever so slightly. I think he bashed it by by accident, I disinfected the area. Is it a Histiocytoma? The dog is a Lab x GSD and he is 9 weeks old TIA all :)
  12. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hi, 2 months ago i adopted two kittens who had been rescued from the docks in my town, one was slightly older than the other so we don't think they were from the same mother/litter. After 2/3 weeks the older kitten Dodie started getting poorly. she had diarrhea and lethargy. I took her to the...
  13. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hello, my dog Alfie has been suffering from this for the last couple of months. Started in patches, he was referred to his vet and prescribed Vetoryl at 30mg, after he was diagnosed with Cushing disease. Was expecting some type of improvement but nothing has came from it. His condition is...
  14. Dog Chat
    Hi guys Just wondering have any of ye experienced anything like this before. My 2 and a half year old female jug (pug x jack Russell) Lola has a small black lump on the top of her snout, we think it may have started about 12 months ago judging by photos and only became noticeable back in April...
  15. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hello, I have 2 indoor Maine Coon kittens Thor and Loki and they are 6 months old. Last month we asked another cat owner to look after them for the night and after about a week or so realised that they were absolutely crawling with fleas! We immediately went out and bought them Advantage and...
  16. Introductions
    Hi, I’m new here and hoping someone could help! We have a 4 year old pug and he’s been having strange turns, they are very irregular, they have been once or twice a year, usually in an evening in the winter months. He’s been for a walk usually. His bag legs go and he doesn’t seem to be able to...
  17. Small Animal Chat
    Hi my hamster seems to be sleeping alot more and eating/ stashing more food. He just isn't himself and he's less than a year old. Any advice is appreciated??
  18. Cat Health and Nutrition
    I would love to get him checked by but I'm pretty much in lockdown right now due to COVID. Have anyone seen this?
1-20 of 30 Results