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  1. Small Animal Chat
    hi! i’m new here and i specifically created this account to ask this question. my robo hamster’s left eye is water/wet, it seems like it’s swole a bit, and she was making louder than usual popping/clicking sounds. i’m not sure if she’s sick or has pink eye, and i was wondering if anyone could...
  2. Rodents
    Discamer: Sorry, this post is super long, so when I get past the intoduction I will add a little point in bold(looks like this 0: which Is actually my question, sorry :3 Hi everyone, im new to the forum. My username is in Japanese, but please call me El! I used to be on a different forum, made...
  3. Rodents
    Hi! I’m just looking for advice on how to get my Syrian used to me and my home, as he is very nervous! I have had him around 4 months and he was 12-14 weeks when I got him. He lives in my bedroom in the attic, so he gets his quiet time, however he is very nervous! Any advice would be so so...
  4. Small Animal Chat
    I'm REALLY looking forward to the possibility of getting a russian dwarf hamster but I need advice. I've done majority of the research myself, but some spots are messy when researching. - What flooring should they have? It constantly says not to use Pine or Cedar, but.. What do I actually use...
  5. Small Animal Chat
    I have a Russian dwarf hamster (around 8 months old) and noticed this morning that she seems to have a small lump on her back. It feels boney and I would say is potentially her front leg dislocated due to where the lump is and other than the lump there’s no sign of injury. She is walking...
  6. Small Animal Chat
    Hey so I'm going to get a hamster sometime this week and they're getting a 100 x 54 x 45cm cage. I have the usual houses and tunnels but i'd like some creative ideas my new hammy will love. So far I've come up with : Tunnels which go underground A wooden perch Multiple levels Sand bath Any...
  7. Small Animal Chat
    Currently i have 2 roborovski dwarf hamsters (females) and my favorite one (Pudding) wasn't out running when i came home from a movie at 11pm but her sis was even though Pudding always was out first and for the longest. I panicked and immediatly checked their nest and she was awake and alive ...
  8. Vanilla <3

    Vanilla with her pouches full
  9. Vanilla <3

    Vanilla trying to get a grape off me
  10. Vanilla <3

    Vanilla eating a grape
  11. Baby Hamster

    Baby teddy bear, panda mixes
  12. Our Hamsters

    this is a couple of our hamsters
  13. Our Hamsters

    this is a couple of our hamsters
  14. Our Hamsters

    this is a couple of our hamsters
1-15 of 15 Results