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  1. Rodents
    Hello! I have a couple of questions about gerbil declanning. I’ve had my older gerbil girl since December. Sadly her bonded partner died from illness shortly after. I manage to find her a new partner in mid-January. I did the split cage method for 2 weeks and they bonded without problems. At...
  2. Rodents
    My gerbil is just over 2 years old. He lives with one other gerbil, the same age. The other gerbil hasn't had any issues, however, this one has. His nails have some sort of fungus or something attached to it, and it's hard. His nails were bloody a couple days ago, however now they look like this...
  3. Rodents
    I found one of my gerbils dead last night. He was one of 2 boys and was wondering what I should do? Do I get him a friend to socialise with or leave him on his own? I don't know how old he is exactly as I adopted them as a pair off someone. Can anyone give me advice or help.
  4. Small Animal Chat
    have taken my little Rico to the vets today as he’s been lethargic and (as expected) they was unsure of what is wrong with him; we’ve been given antibiotics and anti inflammatory medication, HOWEVER, the antibiotics need to go in his water which is shared with his brother(?) Link - will this be...
1-4 of 4 Results