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  1. Dog Chat
    Hi all, Ok. So, my partner and I have just brought our first ever dog home. He's a rescue Springer spaniel, 12 mths old and neutered. He is a very happy and loving boy. He's the dog I've always wanted. I grew up with Spaniels and dogs. So when this little man came available and I heard about...
  2. Dog Chat
    Hi all, I have wanting a dog since the last 3 years and border collie is the breed I always had in mind. I am now looking at a pup (second time this year) and going in internet I started panicking again so I need advice to definitely give up or just go for it. This is my life: I am 30, I work...
  3. Dog Chat
    Ive read mixed things about the BC, but everyone seems to agree it's a high maintenance dog that will need consistent discipline. Consistency may be the one thing I can't guarantee, as I currently finished uni and am back at home, and I'll be able to provide the dog with all it needs while I'm...
1-3 of 3 Results