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  1. Rabbits
    So looking for a little advice we have had two bunny’s Bella and Benjamin for two years now both from kittens and are both neutered. We have just moved into a new home and have a whole room for the rabbits and decided to get a third called Bailey. She settled really well and was well received by...
  2. Small Animal Chat
    Hello, about a month and a half ago, I got two roborovski hamsters, pet store said they're litter mates, were the last of what was six in the batch and are two, roughly 4 week old boys. Meet Vinnie and Jeice! Vinnie is the bigger white one and Jeice has the back stripe. I initially started with...
  3. Small Animal Chat
    so i bought my two gerbils from pets at home around 7months ago and they went from a small tank in pets at home to a descent size gerbirallium with lots of things to do. They have been perfectly fine getting along for the past 7months however one of the gerbils dexter used to nip me alot but...
1-4 of 4 Results