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  1. Dog Chat
    We recently had my dog pts on monday, he was 15 and had been with me since I was aged 11, he was my bestfriend, im hurting so bad and I cant eat/sleep without feeling incredibly guilty. I moved into my own home in october, and he stayed with my mom as he was her baby as much as mine, and since...
  2. Dog Chat
    Hi there, I am new onto this forum, specifically to get some advice on the current family situation involving our dogs. So, my dog Thor (male) and my Nan's dog Sansa (female) are usual playmates and in September, at the end of Sansa's season, we met up for a play date for the dogs. It just so...
  3. Dog Chat
    Hello everyone, after lots of reading and researching on the site this is my first post! Looking for some advice...after ALOT of thought and research I've decided that an airedale or standard poodle would be a good fit as our first family dog. We have 2 kids age 5 and 7 and both myself and...
  4. Dog Training and Behaviour
    He all, I would love some advice on this because I'm finding myself getting very frustrated and maybe people have been in similar situations. My golden retrieve pup is 11 weeks old on Tuesday. Me and my partner live with his mother and although she is helping us so much she is really making me...
  5. Dog Rescue and Adoption
    Exciting opportunity with BBC The One Show for the right family!! Does this sound like you or someone you know? If so please get in touch today! Adopt don't Shop! - Casting email: [email protected]
  6. Cat Training and Behaviour
    My Cat leaves the room anytime my younger sister enters it. If she is sat in the sofa she will sit and stare at my sister, like REALLY stare her out so much so that my my mum noticed it and thought it was funny, she will then leave the room. She won’t sit in the sofa if my sister is in there...
  7. Pebbles And Doodles

    this mummy and daughter
  8. Pebbles And Doodles

    this mummy and daughter
  9. Dad, Pups, Mum Sitting Awkwardly

    Pic of dad on his first day of training with us, pic of pups at day 3, picture of mum after a 28mile walk over rocks and stones.
1-9 of 9 Results