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  1. Dog Health and Nutrition
    I’m looking to start my 9 year old Bichon Frise on James wellbeloved Senior Dog or Senior Small Breed, any thoughts on which one ? Also they do grain free and with grain / rice, any thoughts or experiences with this ? Any advice gratefully appreciated
  2. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hi, Im adopting a 9 year old Bichon Frise, the rescue are feeding him on Burgess dry. Im intending to give him the best food I can to make him happy and healthy. He’s suffered with dental health, but otherwise pretty healthy. Weight is 6.5 kg Any help, advice, suggestions gratefully...
  3. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hi , I have a Shih Tzu who is 1yr 3mths, and he is a really fussy eater! He loves human food and will eat basically any wet food, but it is really tough trying to get him to eat dry food. I have tried mixing up the dry food into the wet, but he will eat the wet and spit the dry food out...
  4. Dog Chat
    Good evening everyone, I seeking on advice if I should try something new when it comes to dry food or stay with what makes my dogs happy. I have 2 dogs and both are different when it comes to activities as one is very active and never wants to stop and the other one is lazy stops after few...
  5. Dog Health and Nutrition
    I am having trouble deciding whether to feed my poodle dog Aatu or Acana dry dog food (obviously assuming she likes the taste and it agrees with her) but ingredients wise they both look good but its hard to do a comparison as the ingredients differ so much but they both have excellent reviews...
1-5 of 5 Results