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  1. Dog Breeding
    Hello! I wanted to get the opinions of dog breeders within this forum, as I am currently developing a startup designed for breeders! Whilst buying a dog, we realised how much admin there is involved for both the buyer and the breeder -- loads of interested people who the breeders need to...
  2. General Chat
    Hello, I'm new here but I'd like to share with you these cute photos of dogs ready for travel. I hope you'll love them. I am 100% sure you have never seen these photos before because they are actually AI-generated. Thanks to OpenAI. The photos depicts a group of dogs looking too excited for...
  3. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hello! My puppy has a protruding growth close to his nose. It was pink at first, but now it looks grey. Had anyone seen this on their dog before? It's not causing him any discomfort.
  4. Dog Shows and Events
    The Long Sutton Parish Council along with The Long Sutton Queens Platinum Jubilee Committee and other organisations Have came together to organise A old fashioned fete & dog show Please join us for a lovely, fun & superb family day out Please feel free to like and share this post Please...
  5. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hi, my lab has been having acne for over a year. We've visited the vet a couple of times, they usually prescribe steroids/antibiotics and a cleanser but the problem doesnt seem to go away. I have no idea what to do? Has anyone faced this issue?
  6. Dog Chat
    Hello everyone, here is Prince, he is 12 weeks old. I am asking help from you dog experts to see if you know what breed he is? The mum was an American staffy, and the dad is a saluki (apparently) I'm wondering, is he classed as a Bull Lurcher?
  7. Dog Training and Behaviour
    Hello! I'm just wondering if any of you would like to participate in a survey aimed at those of you who have adopted a pet. Many thanks in advance!
  8. Introductions
    Hi, Im creating a dog charity where i will raise money with instagram and facebook for dogs that needs us. Im just a young boy but i love dogs so much. If you want to help follow _doggoooo__ on instagram. Me and the dogs would love your help.
  9. Dog Chat
    EDIT: This topic is now involved in discussions about other breeds that aren't great danes. I'm finally in the position in my life where I can get a dog of my own and I'm putting a lot of time and research into different breeds to see what one would be best suited to me and my life position...
  10. Dog Chat
    Good afternoon everyone I am hoping someone in this lovely group can help me or offer so advice in regards to my dog Hugo Hugo is a lurcher/ collie and is around 9 months old ( pretty big around 18kg ) . I am his second owner, due to work commitments his previous owner had to give him up ...
  11. Dog Chat
    Hi everyone! I am considering getting a small dog, maybe a Cocker Spaniel, Yorkie, or Cavapoochon. But I am a bit confused. I already have a pair of Lilac rabbits and I was wondering if they'll be okay with a dog. Any ideas? Thank you
  12. Dog Chat
    Hello everyone, hope your well, recently Rupert got a upset tummy ( black and white dog ) he had eaten something my next door neighbours cat had and he got poorly from it, he is okay now, but still has runny poos and is sick sometimes, he has behaved more since staying on his lead so I think i'd...
  13. Dog Training and Behaviour
    Hi 7 month ago we got a lab puppy. We researched breeds, spent a couple of years discussing it to make sure it was right choice. I work very part time, our son who is 6 and autistic we thought would benefit from having a furry friend. We felt totally prepared. Now it’s like living in the most...
  14. Dog Chat
    Hi al! I noticed today a lump under my dog's skin (male, Cocker Spaniel, 4 years old). Its between his tummy and his back, on the right hand hand side of his body. I noticed it today, but not sure how long it has been there. Could not have been long since I pet him every day. It is rather soft...
  15. Dog Chat
    Had a great laughter when i saw this
  16. Dog Chat
    I'm asking the wider community about this because I have a strong opinion, I love my dogs so much but I love my car equally, my partner and I consistently argue about this. She bought a car to put the dogs in, I hate having dogs in my car because I'm incredibly conscious about how clean it is...
  17. Dog Health and Nutrition
    It’s took a lot for me to post this as I have a panic disorder and anxiety with very bad depression and my dog is my absolute life. She is my happy place and tbh only thing what keeps me alive. We go for walks regularly and I usually check her over but I checked her today and saw 2 brown flat...
  18. Dog Training and Behaviour
    I have a 2 year old Zuchon boy, i work from home so hes always around me, the only problem is he has developed separation anxiety which has now developed into aggression when i try to leave the house! I just putting him into bed tonight as he sleeps in his own room in the house & he bit me &...
  19. General Chat
    Dear friends, we need your help! Have you used dog training services? Or maybe you have taken online courses. If you were looking to purchase an online dog training course, which name would you find the most attractive and credible? 1) Keep Up, Puppy! 2) Clever Barking 3) Tail Avenue 4)...
1-20 of 267 Results