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  1. Dog Chat
    My dog, Woody, and I would love some suggestions of what dog sports are out there that we might enjoy and are suited to Woody's breed traits? Woody is a 14 month old Welsh Springer Spaniel. He loves to chill at home but has good staminer when we go walking/hiking/running. We are currently...
  2. Working & Sports Dogs
    Good evening, I have a 15 week old working line GSD called Indie and we are in Hull. I'm interested in finding a sport which myself and Indie would both enjoy. Can anyone help with some places I could enquire with? I was originally drawn to IPO/Shutzhund but I want to make sure that its a...
  3. Dog Training and Behaviour
    hi all . I’m looking at doing a sport with my collie . Does any body have any suggestions and also clubs that do these activity in Milton Keynes ? Interested in anything apart from flyball or agility . Something using a bike would be good . Thanks in advance .
1-3 of 3 Results