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  1. Dog Breeding
    Hi my dog had her first heat cycle starting on January 30th 2022 and I had left her with my sister for a couple days while I had to travel for work and she has two unfixed male dogs and she told me that she kept them away from each other but there were times when they were together but she never...
  2. Dog Breeding
    Hi everyone, My mini dachshund was scanned as having 4 puppies, then at a later scan it was 8, yet she only delivered 2. I only knew the other 2-6 were never coming when she stopped Labouring after her 2nd pup was born-4 hours after the 1st! The vet said it sounds like she’s done! It’s taken me...
  3. Dog Breeding
    Please delete thread ive tried just not sure how
  4. Dog Chat
    Hi there, I am new onto this forum, specifically to get some advice on the current family situation involving our dogs. So, my dog Thor (male) and my Nan's dog Sansa (female) are usual playmates and in September, at the end of Sansa's season, we met up for a play date for the dogs. It just so...
  5. Dog Breeding
    2 weeks ago I got a 4 year old dog. Her last heat cycle was august last year so her next one would've been February of this year. Whilst shaving her down (as she was matted), I noticed dried blood within a mat by her vulva, so she's obviously been on heat in the weeks prior to me getting her...
1-5 of 5 Results