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  1. Dog Breeding
    I'm wanting to try a natural dewormer for my litter of puppies. Any thoughts on diatomaceous earth? At what age is it safe to give it to them? They are currently 2 weeks old
  2. Insects , Snails and other exotic pets
    Hi there. So my partner and I have recently acquired a fully grown GALS. It was apparently found abandoned in a London park in the middle of winter, inside it's tank. It's got a slightly chipped shell on one side, which looks like it repaired itself. We were using a cotton buds to oil it's shell...
  3. Dog Breeding
    I am not new to dogs or training whatsoever but this is my first litter with the mom. I am a rescuer not breeder FYI. She is a 2 year 45 lb. mix , very athletic and naturally thin (she looks like a black Pharaoh hound). Dad is half greyhound half GSD so pups are big. Ever since she had all 7...
  4. Cat Health and Nutrition
    I have 4 little kittens born from the same mother. Both the mother and the kittens absolutely refuse to take their pills. I have tried everything it showed on the internet. I crushed the pill and give it to them in wet food, meat, soups, water and they even refuse to eat meat if it has the pill...
  5. Cat Chat
    My kitten is 9-weeks-old. We got her on Monday and on Friday she went to the vets to be vaccinated and de-wormed. Before this vet visit, she was playing all the time, full of energy, eating etc. Now she just spends all day sleeping on the sofa and doesn't really play or eat her food. Is this...
1-5 of 5 Results