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  1. Wildlife Chat
    I was hiking in the woods and came across a farm with a few donkeys they were sitting in a little hut we have had a heatwave in the UK. They must of been cooling off from the heat. I walked up to the wooden gate and called them over and they started to walk over to me.
  2. Wildlife Chat
    I was out in the countryside doing some photography and looking for some animals when I was standing near a farm wall it was getting late around 5pm I heard a noise so thought it was a small bird in the bush. So I put some wild bird food on the stone wall the next minute a small wild field...
  3. Wildlife Chat
    I was in the countryside In England visiting a local park the last time I was there the Swans and Geese would walk near to me at the side of the lake but I had no food to give them so this time I bought some food and thought I wonder if I could hand feed them here is the result.
  4. Introductions
    Hi and happy new year Very interested in nature, flora and fauna, including the permanent members of the House Council "Cats" I also have a special tendency for bees, as I became obsessed with the world of beekeeping I am happy to join you, and I hope we can exchange many ideas and benefits
  5. Cat Chat
    I recently purchased this E Book Confessions of a cat mom and it has helped me train my new kitten Molly. Best tricks that actually work. Just wanted to share!
  6. Cat Photo Galleries
    Hi from Japan! I would like to introduce our cats Romeo & Juliet. 2 American shorthairs who we live with us in Tokyo, Japan. We have also made a YouTube channel with cute videos with them. We hope to make friends and spread the joy! Thank you!
  7. Cat Chat
    So I live in the US, and in a state where there isn’t a cat cafe unless you wanna drive hours away. I want to open my own cafe that will work with local shelters to help get cats adopted out. I’m more business minded then super creative, so I need help thinking of an adorably clever and original...
  8. Dog Photo Galleries
    Hey guys, Thought I would share some pics of my dog. She loves her little igloo bed. She is a Chihuahua cross jack Russel. She 8s just coming up to 6 years old! Hope you enjoy!
  9. Cat Chat
    Hey everyone, I've been working on a mobile game called Cat Tap and I'm trying to get the word out there! The game is based around the idea that cats can be jerks and knock things off of tables. You play as a cat and do just that! You can level up and unlock different breeds as well as dress...
  10. Small Animal Chat
    So I've had Niko for about 2 months and he's pretty chill for a roborovski. I used to own rats and the way I tamed them while out the cage was while wearing a hoodie that I rarely wash so their scent and my scent stay on there. Way of bonding in a familiar place (also use a fleece blanket). Note...
  11. Dog Training and Behaviour
    Hello all! I have a beautiful 16 week old puppy. He's quite vocal when frustrated and/or excited. He usually has his hyperactive thrashing around the room banging into things and barking for 20 solid minutes before and after food and sometimes walks. Is it possible that he is getting...
  12. Cat Chat
    We recently relocated from Kuwait to Jamaica and were unable to bring our two Persian cats with us when we left. They are now in a position to travel but need somewhere to stay in the UK. They are young cats, brother and sister (Jordi and Shakira), house trained house cats and super...
  13. Dog Chat
    Hi Guys, I just made some funny photos with my dog and i designed two t-shirts. I will be very happy if you'll tell me what you think about them. Thank you! Peace and love!!
  14. Dog Photo Galleries
    Introducing Lord Rupert the Bear!!!! Absolutely crazy hair, so cute I couldn't resist sharing!
  15. Cat Training and Behaviour
    Hey fellow cat fanatics! Besides this being super cute i was wondering if it's normal behaviour to get attention? Be cause i haven't seen it this extreme. Thanks in advance!
  16. Introductions
    New to the group! Took our Shih Tzu out a couple weekends ago in Mendocino! He is photogenic and loves the camera thanks to PetSelfie getting his attention! Love the group and seeing all the cute Shih Tzu's! Search "PetSelfie" on the app store to find it!
  17. Small Animal Classifieds
    Hey everyone! Would you like to see your pet in a cute, fun illustration? I am offering personalised portraits - all animals welcome! It's totally up to you how the final portrait will look, and you can add any accessory to your pet for free! They're great as a special, unique gift to an...
1-20 of 214 Results