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  1. Dog Chat
    Hi, I am so sad and upset with myself and don’t know what to do so have a corgi puppy at 16weeks. Her training was going great she could sit down, roll over if you pointed at her etc etc she loved it and was very good motivated. the other day I messed up big time she was out on a walk and I...
  2. Dog Breeding
    Hello, I’m on the lookout for a corgi puppy and wondered if anyone knows of any breeders/puppies in the UK? I’m struggling on where to look! thank you
  3. Dog Health and Nutrition
    One of the big positives us at Weldricks have found from supplying pet and vet products is hearing the stories of all the lovely animals we get to help every day. One owner, Sam, shared with us the story of Patch and how the latanoprost we deliver helps him. Sam found Patch on Gumtree in 2014...
  4. Dog Chat
    Hi all, We are planning to get a second dog for ourselves and a companion for our Beagle. She is 1 years old and since I'm starting a new job I will not be home as often as now (i work from home atm). We would have liked another dog anyway, so it is not just to get a companion for our beagle...
  5. My Dog Casey In The Snow

    Casey Is An Corgi Cross To A Japanese Spitz
  6. My Corgi Bruno

    this is a couple of photos of my corgi bruno
  7. My Corgi Bruno

    this is a couple of photos of my corgi bruno
  8. Pembroke Welsh Corgi-barney

    My moms Pembroke Welsh corgi Barney
  9. Barney And His Chew Toy

    Barney my moms corgi with his new chew toy at Christmas
  10. Barney Outside

    A picture of my Moms Pembroke Welsh corgi pup enjoying the outdoors
  11. Barney Enjoying The Sun

    My moms Pembroke welsh corgi Barney enjoying the sun
  12. Barney Looking At Me

    Its like Barney is saying what I am being good lol
  13. Ruby The Corgi

    Giving Ruby a massage.
  14. Ruby The Corgi

    Ruby resting after her morning walk.
  15. Ruby The Corgi

    Ruby resting in her crate.
  16. Bronnie At 6 Weeks Old

    Photo of the brat at 6 weeks.
1-16 of 18 Results