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  1. Dog Training and Behaviour
    Hello All, My partner and I have a 4 month old border terrier who struggles on his walks, when using his harness. We have tried walks with his collar only and he absolutely fine and pulls us along, which we will train him not to do, in due course. The trouble we’re having is when we use his...
  2. Introductions
    Hi all, my business is Meg Heath Dog Leads. I'm here to hopefully help people make the right choices on various products. I'm well known for doing myself out of a sale because a customer was going to make a poor choice of product for their dog. I can also offer advice on custom leads & collars...
  3. Dog Chat
    We have Pomeranians. They're both adult dogs and of course have the long double coat. They were both runts of their litters. Our little boy is 6 pounds and has a mane like a lion. The little girl tips the scales at a whopping 3 pounds and is missing a front leg. Their coats get terrible...
1-3 of 3 Results