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  1. Dog Chat
    I have a new puppy and seen mum who is a cocker spaniel but they had no idea who the dad was as it wasn’t an intentional pregnancy. Could anyone tell me what breed he looks like he could be crossed with? I was thinking a border collie but I’m not sure
  2. Dog Training and Behaviour
    We have had our 6 month old Cocker Spaniel since he was 13 weeks old. Apart from the first night, he had been so good with sleeping overnight and would not make a peep from when he went to bed until we got him out of the crate in the morning. He has never had any issues with the crate and will...
  3. Dog Training and Behaviour
    We have an 8 month old spaniel puppy. We love her but Jfc for the past few months she’s been driving us mad. 80% of the time when we sit down to chill she stands about 2m away from us and loudly barks directly at us. Sometimes her neck is a bit stooped and she’s almost looking up at us? She’s...
  4. Dog Health and Nutrition
    My 14year old cocker has came in to season last night and the bleeding is really heavy. Normally she’s always had little spots however tHe amount seems unnormal for her. I’m a little concerned, she still seems her lovable self and has had no change in behaviour. She has never been spayed...
  5. Dog Training and Behaviour
    Hi all, I'm hoping for your advice on an issue we're having with our 1yr old show cocker, Basil. He's a fantastic little man and brings us a huge amount of joy! He's generally quite submissive with other pooches & humans initially but soon wants to play. Despite doing a lot to make sure he's...
  6. Dog Breeding
    Looking at buying a sprocker puppy and visited some pups last weekend! We loved what we seen from the breeder in terms of the living environment etc. Just got a question I’m hoping someone could help me out with? the dad of the pups is full cocker spaniel and the mum is 3/4 cocker and 1/4...
  7. Dog Training and Behaviour
    Hi folks, I got my cocker spaniel puppy when she was 11 weeks old and she’s an absolute delight. She is now 16 weeks old and she’s such a loving little puppy. However, once or twice a day she has these outbursts where she is just really playful and can be almost aggressive where she tries to...
  8. Dog Breeding
    Hi! I was hoping that someone with a bit more knowledge than me may be able to give some advice on where in the UK there may be a reputable and trustworthy breeder of golden cocker retrievers? These dogs are popular in the US but not so much here it seems, which is quite odd. Anyway, any advice...
  9. Monty

    Monty at Lepe Country Park
  10. Sherlock

    Sherlock at 9 weeks - after learning "Sit"
  11. Bella

    nine weeks old, our new family baby;
  12. Hello Bella;

    our new little girl.
  13. Maddie The Cocker Spaniel

    A young dog, trained as a gundog. An absolutely beautiful little dog, friendly, affectionate and intelligent.
  14. Cocker spaniel

    Oscar near the river ouse at wolverton viaduct
  15. My Doggy :d

    Hes my life
  16. My Doggy :d

    Hes my life
  17. Pepe After Bath

    Pepe whippet cross cocker spaniel.
  18. Cash

    Some of my favourite pics of Cash since he was a puppy!
1-18 of 59 Results