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  1. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hello , I have 3 cats . I notice his diarhhea for a long time and i thought that parasites is the cause of probleme i bring them to vet and said really they have parasites i gave them Mebendazole but the diarreha become very bad . The cats cant control or even feel their stool even when they are...
  2. Dog Health and Nutrition
    I have an 8 month (we think) old pup. She's a small mutt, 6.4 kg. We live in Beijing, China. I adopted my mutt from a shelter in China and she definitely didn't get the best start, her mom was a stray rescued from a construction site with 5 puppies. I adopted the smallest pup when she...
  3. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hiya, We adopted our older cat (now 15) Lily about a year and a half ago. Towards the end of June this year (2018) her poo became runny not just runny but liquid, no solid poo at all. We took her to the vet, she felt her stomach and said it felt soft ie no solid stools, she then ran stool...
1-3 of 3 Results