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  1. Bird Health and Nutrition
    I saw my canary having a seizure late last Friday night. I believe it was stress/fear induced since some light construction work was being done near his room. Saturday morning I thought he was improving, but as of this morning (Monday) he’s worse. He sits on the floor of the cage frequently, he...
  2. Bird Chat
    Hi I have a canary and due to my ill health I can no longer look after her I'm not sure if I am doing it right on here this is the first time I've been on any advice would be much appreciated kind regards Lorraine
  3. Bird Health and Nutrition
    My canary does this sucking noise once in a while, she's been doing it ever since I got her (around six months ago) and always looked fine, always active, sleeps on one leg (I´ve read somewhere that sleeping on both could be a sign of disease), Now that I've searched about this I found that it...
  4. Bird Health and Nutrition
    Hello feathered friends, I'm new here, and I was hoping to reach out to get some advice. My family purchased a canary in October of 2019. We live in San Diego. The cage is in our family room with a towel on top in front of the sliding door that leads to the backyard. About two weeks later, he...
  5. Bird Breeding
    I was given two canaries (one female and one male) by my cousin who could not care for them anymore and I've had them for about a year and a half. In April, the female canary had to be taken to the vet to have her leg band removed because it was constricting her. I had kept her in a separate...
  6. Bird Health and Nutrition
    Hey guys! I looked through the balding canary post I found on here, but my circumstances are different. I have 1 male canary names Rakan. I know that around this time my canary will begin to molt. When I did some research, a small bald spot shouldn't be too much to worry about during this...
1-6 of 6 Results