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  1. Dog Chat
    I recently purchased a bulldog, sold to me as a English bulldog crossed to a American bulldog. I know looks can be sometimes hard to determine breed so I will do a dna but on his paperwork All it states is bulldog x. I have left some pictures he is 4 months old, he’s very playful, loving &...
  2. Introductions
    Hello everyone Ernie AmericanBulldog x OldTymeBulldog Daisy EnglishBulldogcross Kahmeera MiniatureBullterrier Ernieandco_ Follow us on Instagram for more love, travel and adventures We all travel together and currently in Isle of Lewis We are family
  3. Dog Chat
    Need advice due to collect my puppy today and on the video chats I've looked back on have notice he has a small pit like hole looking thing at the base of his back anyone know what it could be? Should I be concerned?
  4. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hi all, I've recently reserved an English bulldog puppy, he is red and white, from kc registered parents. His dad is a stud dog who participates in shows and his mother is a kc registered family pet. My puppy comes from a litter of 8 and was born by c section 4 days before his due date. He was...
  5. Dog Training and Behaviour
    I've just got a 5 month old female english bulldog. She's doing so well with training and has really taken to us and her surroundings. I was told she was pad trained but she hasn't used a pad at all. I've been following all the right methods of taking her out at the right times, watching for...
  6. Dog Breeding
    Hi I have 3 1 week old bulldog puppys that feed every 2 hours, i was wondering however how long the duration of the feed should be? Half hour? 20 minutes? Thanks in advance
  7. Dog Chat
    hello good people of dog land. I’ve had retrievers my entire life and just moved into a new place, small garden... my friends bulldog had a litter recently and I ended up picking one. Just wondered if anyone had any advice in regards to what I should expect her to need exercise wise and when can...
  8. Dog Chat
    Hi I’ve got a 4 month old bulldog puppy I was looking to see if he was about the right weight for his age and to my surprise everything says he’s 3kg under he looks healthy he’s 8.2kg weighed at vets and other sites I’ve seen say he should be 11kg just looking for advice really.
1-8 of 8 Results