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  1. Bird Health and Nutrition
    So my budgie is about 9 weeks old, I got him a week or two ago from a breeder. He eats well and flies around without much issue. However I've noticed this morning that he has been shaking and breathing heavily, his mouth does not open when he breathes and it makes no sound. He was doing this...
  2. Bird Chat
    Hello, I have a pet female Kakariki. She’s blue and is roughly a year old or so. I’ve been wanting to get another bird and put it in the same cage since it is big enough. Would it be possible to pair a female Kakariki with a male budgie without any babies resulting from it? Or would the budgie...
  3. Bird Health and Nutrition
    Hello, My two-week old budgie has developed a lump on the right side of its neck. I first noticed it 2 days ago, when it appeared as a red spot, but shorty after it started swelling and now it looks like a pea. The lump is red, swollen, not too soft or too hard. My budgie is very hot to touch. I...
  4. Bird Health and Nutrition
    Hi all, any and all advice would be very much appreciated. I am extremely concerned about my budgies current health. I don't know for sure how old he is but I would say at least 6. Over the last couple of days he was extremely hyper and restless. He didn't seem to want to settle anywhere. Today...
  5. Bird Health and Nutrition
    (Hes not regurgitating, hes vomiting) My male budgie is around 5-6 years and for about a week he has been vomiting out whole bird seeds, and also like a cloudy white sticky liquid. I'm really worried about him and today my second bird had died even tho she looked completely fine (was also around...
  6. Bird Chat
    Hi, Anyone have any advice on how to get my two budgies to take a bath. I have a bath which clips on one of the doors on their cage but they have no interest and then I have to take it off because the water gets cold. I end up spray them with a spray bottle on a very light setting which they...
  7. Bird Chat
    Hi all new to the forum and need some help. I am behind getting myself a pair of budgies and have selected 2 that I want. Attaching them in pictures 1,2 and 3 as a backup. I've been told that 1 is a female and I was guessing that 2 is a male. They are both about a month or more but less than 2...
  8. Charlie

    My pretty girl budgie
  9. My Budgie Charlie

    This is my white bird charlie, she is best friends with my dog sky , they even eat together and play together
  10. Ollie

    Ollie after a bath lol
  11. Budgerigar

    My beautiful budgie Frost
  12. Budgies

    My budgies Frost and Artemis
1-12 of 12 Results