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  1. Cat Breeding
    Hi. I'm wanting to take my girl to stud. But obviously you leave your queen at a complete strangers house for upto a week. How do we make sure they say they are who they are and your cat doesn't vanish ? Do you ask for photo ID ect ? Prefer to be overly cautious. Any advice greatly appreciated...
  2. Cat Chat
    Hi everyone. It's my first post so apologies if it's in the wrong chat. So back in October 2021, I went on a waiting list with a reputable Maine Coons breeder for a kitten. A month or so later, they emailed saying they had imported a male kitten from Italy for breeding but his chin didn't meet...
  3. Cat Breeding
    Hello everyone. I have some questions that I hope you can answer with you experience as google has not given me sufficient answers. So, do females continue calling and generally being horny after the male has mated with them? If so for how long has it lasted for you guys? Second, is the vigorous...
  4. Cat Breeding
    Thanks for the responses, will be using this information.
  5. Cat Breeding
    Hi. Has anyone bred a Siberian and a Russian Blue? If so what did the offspring look like. Been trying to google it but I can’t find anything with this combination. Thanks
  6. Cat Breeding
    Evening all, Just a quick one for the breeders who have a number of cats, do you get issues with urinating around heat time? I’ve been having issues for some time with my one male, I don’t believe he was ever properly litter trained because he will never pee in the box unless he is in a...
  7. Cat Breeding
    Hi there I own a stud cat but am quite new to it, i stud him out and he generally will mate with the queen 10-15 times before he gets bored and starts ignoring her. Is this enough? How many times should i expect him to mate with each female? Is it normal for studs to get bored and ignore females...
  8. Cat Breeding
    Is it necessary for a breeder/cattery to genetically test their Scottish Straights for a hidden fold gene before using them to breed with a Scottish Fold? Edit: If you are a breeder who does so, if you wouldn't mind sharing the name of your cattery.
  9. Cat Breeding
    Hi guys, My male kitten has turned 6 months old and we are looking for him to breed once, and have a few of the kittens. Please let me know ASAP if you have a female cat, you’re willing to breed. Thank you.
  10. Cat Breeding
    Hi, this is my first post and I really do not know how to deal with this situation. My cat (I don't know if I can specify breed, so I won't) had a litter of kittens in the first few days of October (I know the date) and all has gone well with them. She had 4 bundles of joy and all but 1 have...
  11. Cat Breeding
    Hi everyone I’m new to this GCCF registered/unregistered thing as I’m looking to buy my first British Shorthair kitten, and I’m just looking for some info/guidance. The kitten has been advertised as unregistered. As the kitten is unregistered, does that mean she never could be? Could I never...
  12. Cat Breeding
    Hi guys, just joined this forum. My cat is heavily pregnant (she’s like a barrel) with her 2nd litter. Aside from getting an ultrasound are there any tell tale signs she may be ready to drop? She’s started sleeping in her birthing tent and is constantly starving. Her nipples are hard and...
1-12 of 12 Results