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  1. Dog Chat
    Hello everyone, here is Prince, he is 12 weeks old. I am asking help from you dog experts to see if you know what breed he is? The mum was an American staffy, and the dad is a saluki (apparently) I'm wondering, is he classed as a Bull Lurcher?
  2. Cat Breeding
    Hi there first time poster so apologies if this is in the wrong place. Not so much a breeding question, just breed. I currently own a 12 month old cat that we rescued via fb. Previous owners stated that she is a bengal x ragdoll but I have doubts. Her breed isn't really important at all, just...
  3. Cat Chat
    Hi everyone, Just wondering if my 4 month old kitty is a British shorthair tabby as sold? He’s a bit skinnier and has quite a hyper (though maybe typical?) temperament for a British shorthair which I thought were quite chilled? Fine if he’s not shorthair because I love him anyway, but will miss...
  4. Dog Chat
    I have a new puppy and seen mum who is a cocker spaniel but they had no idea who the dad was as it wasn’t an intentional pregnancy. Could anyone tell me what breed he looks like he could be crossed with? I was thinking a border collie but I’m not sure
  5. Cat Breeding
    Hi all! We just recently adopted my first kitten, Wendy, and I’ve grown very curious as to what her father’s breed might be. We know her mother is a calico and her two other brothers in her litter are of cream/orange pattern coloring. She’s the only point with beautiful blue eyes. As of right...
  6. Dog Photo Galleries
    Hi, My mum got a rescue from Romania (wasn't too sure about it as communication seemed hazy, but she was desperate for a new companion after our previous dog passed) and they told us she was a Yorkie mix, but I'm almost certain she's not! Not that we mind, because she's sweet and cute when she's...
  7. Rabbits
    He or she is previously eating oxbow young rabbit pellets and oxbow Alfalfa hay until older
  8. Cat Breeding
    Hi everyone, I got a 4 months old female kitty and I’m just curious to find out which breed she could be. When we got her, they said she is just a tabby cat but I’m not convinced. I will attach some picture so I hope they can help you to figure out the breed. Thank you so much in advance for...
  9. Cat Chat
    My kitten Loki (male 4 and half months) keep grabbing my other kitten Freya (female 3 months) by the neck and pining her down I thought he was showing dominance and she didn't seem bothered so I just left them to it! Well last night I noticed he was bumping his bottom toward her and I panicked...
  10. Cat Chat
    Hello! I was wondering if anyone had some insight to my cats breed. We rescued him this past week! His name is Chester! Thank you, Vic
  11. Dog Chat
    Sign and share this petition please This is a petition to call for more stringent dog breeding measures whilst making illegal to breed without a licence under and circumstance. As a prospective owner, I’ve seen people selling pups who are just trying to make a quick bit of cash at the...
  12. Dog Breeding
    I’ve heard Staffy Chihuahua and many other breeds I would like to know some to see how big she’ll get when she’s older.
  13. Dog Chat
    We have had him 9 years now he is a fit and healthy dog, above average speed but they told us he was a yorkie-pomeranian mix but he looks nothing like them! Would love to know what he is I cant find anywhere and its looking like hes a one in a million!
  14. Dog Chat
    Hi, yesterday i found out an app called Dog Scanner that basically tries to tell you what breed your dog is through pictures and i tried it in one the puppies that are at my grandpa shipyard (a stray dog had puppies there and we're taking care of them until we find a home for them, 2 out of 7...
  15. Cat Chat
    Hi everyone, I've noticed my new little rescue boy Milo has slightly curly/wavy fur, especially on the back of his neck. It doesn't look curly enough for him to be a rex breed, but does he maybe look like a cross? Or is it just a little quirk of his? Any information would be great, thanks! :Cat
  16. Dog Chat
    Hi guys - I'm about to get a dog for my family, as my oldest son is very eager to do so. He's done quite a lot of research and is confident that even though we are inexperienced, he should be able to train the dog effectively. I was just confused however, as I've heard that mastiff breeds are...
  17. Rabbits
    Just wondering if someone could identify what breed these rabbits are?
  18. Rabbits
    I recently acquired two rabbits from the same litter (both male) and they are getting on really well. I have been trying to find out what breed they are but had no luck. Looking online the nearest comparison I can find is Satin Angora. Please can anyone help me with this?
  19. Cat Photo Galleries
    What breed is my cat? Can it be a sokoke? I'm not sure, please help.
  20. Cat Photo Galleries
    Hey guys, just wondered if anyone knew the breed of my cat as I am unsure? Thanks for you help!
1-20 of 80 Results