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  1. Cat Breeding
    Hi guys! Any help would be appreciated ☺️ This little one is a 5 week old Tabby.
  2. Cat Breeding
    So I have a fur baby but not sure of sex. I'd really appreciate your help in determining the sex please x
  3. Cat Chat
    Good afternoon everyone and Merry Christmas to you all! My husband and I got a kitten 2 weeks ago and he is now 11 weeks old. The breeder said it was a boy but we are not 100% sure. Can you help me figure it out? I’ve attached a picture, hope it’s good enough to make you figure out the...
  4. Chinchillas
    Hey! Could you help me identify if my three chinchilla babies are boys or girls? Chinchillas are two months old.
1-4 of 4 Results