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  1. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hi All, first post here. Looking dor some advice for my Boxer dog (2yrs old) Luna. She's been happily eating wainwrights wet food from pets at home for 2yrs, but for the last couple of weeks she's had loose stools. It 100% coincided with he wainwrights packaging changing and "improved recipe" on...
  2. Dog Breeding
    My girl bred on November 04,2020. She’s showing most of the signs of pregnancy but I’m still unsure. She would be 42 days today (6weeks). what do you think? And does she looks as far along as I first seen her mate? both mom and dad are boxer.
  3. Dog Chat
    Hi everyone! I have recently gotten engaged and am hoping to join my partner in the UK! The biggest challenge I'm facing is the relocation of my beloved dog, Lola. Lola is 7 years old and a rescue. She loves giving kisses, swimming at the beach, and is scared of hats. Throughout her life vets...
  4. Dog Training and Behaviour
    Hello! I have a 8month old female boxer who has been absolutely wonderful so far however she has been showing some worrying aggression lately to some other dogs. She has been socialised from a young age and daily plays with other dogs on the beach with no issues, however, lately she has been...
  5. Dog Chat
    Hello! I have a 2 year old female boxer (Rory) who still has accidents in her cage (#1 and #2). During the week, she is usually home alone kenneled for 9-10hr at a time while my wife and I are at work. On average, Rory has an accident in her cage 2-3 times a week. In the morning, I make sure...
  6. Dog Chat
    My name is Gary and I live with my wife, my son and a 10 year old boxer dog called Harvey. We all love Harvey and he has always been a great dog, a handful at times, but nevertheless a great dog. I have a big problem at the moment though. He has started barking randomly. It is worse through the...
  7. Dog Health and Nutrition
    Hello all, We have just adopted our first fur baby from a stray shelter! Unfortunately when she was found she was poorly and underweight! She is slowly on the mend and we are trying our best to help her gain weight! She is a 4 year old boxer cross, and would like any recommendations on good...
  8. Dog Training and Behaviour
    Hi all, I’ve just joined the site to see if I can get a bit of advice about how to alter my dogs behaviour around my toddler. We have a 6 month old boxer bitch and a 16 month old son. Our dog is great with our baby, she is very loving and tolerant with him(I know children also need to be...
  9. Dog Training and Behaviour
    Hi, im new to this forum so apologies if im posting in the wrong place, i will keep this as short as possible. I have an American Bulldog cross Boxer who has fear aggression (mainly just with other dogs) but is also nervous around people, i rescued him about 4 months ago, and ive been informed...
  10. Dog Training and Behaviour
    I am wondering if adopting my grandparent's dog is possible for me. Please read situation below. My parents live on a 50 acre orchard with and have a boxer that is about 4 years old. He has had free reign of the property for his whole life, with a shock-collar underground boundary and a dog...
  11. My Boxers

    dawcey with one of her puppies.
  12. My Boxers

    bolero with one of her puppies.enjoying the peace.
  13. My Boxers

    bolero with one of her puppies."pup wants to play!!!!!" "she wants peace!!!!
  14. My Boxers

    some of my gorgeous pups!!!!
  15. My Boxers

    stunning red with black mask. one of my many pups!!!
  16. My Boxers

    stunning brindle and white.7 wks old.
  17. Tye

    Here's my 9yo Boxer dog. Proud as punch in this picture
  18. Lazy Molly

    one extreem to the other!!!
  19. Marcy

    Newly homed 2 year old Boxer bitch Marcy
1-19 of 39 Results