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  1. Dog Boarding
    Hi. I am new to this but desperate for help. I live in the in South Wales valleys. I am looking for boarding for my dog. I have tried royvon once, and was not really happy with it. My dog is a greyhound/ seluki. She is nervous, reactive and clingy. I need a kennel that as space for her to run...
  2. Dog Boarding
    Hi, I currently live in Morden in South London and I am in urgent need of some sort of dog care/dog boarding for 16th -19th December 2021. Does anyone know anyone or any companies who can cater for these dates? I am really struggling to get hold of someone at the moment, so any help would be...
  3. Dog Chat
    Hello all I recently got a pomeranian puppy and I am looking for a boarding place where I can leave him during my two week summer holiday. He is so cute and I love him so much, that I am so worried about leaving him. Do you know of any places which you could recommend from personal experience...
  4. Dog Boarding
    Hello all I recently got a pomeranian puppy and I am looking for a boarding place where I can leave him during my two week summer holiday. Do you know of any places to recommend? I live in South West London but I do not mind places outside London (but no more than 1.5h drive away). Thank...
  5. Dog Chat
    Hi, hopefully someone can help. Tuesday 16th December we booked are dog in at the kennels for 22nd to 30th as we where planning on going to Devon for the ‘Christmas bubble’ however this has obviously had to be cancelled. We have got into contact with the kennels and they are saying it is non...
  6. Dog Chat
    Has anyone on here set up a dog kennel business? If so, I have a few questions i'd like to ask!
  7. Cat Chat
    Hello, I’m just trying to plan ahead for the traveling I know I’ll have to do for the holidays! I’m a first time cat owner- rescued a 6 mo. old kitten some time ago For a few days in November and for about a week in December I’ll have to visit my family which is about a six hour drive from...
  8. Animal Jobs & Working with Animals
    Hi all! I was looking for advice in what qualifications would be best for working in kennels or dog day care, leading onto dog training or working with rescues? I currently have a Level 2 Ofqual award in canine care and behaviour and I have the option to move onto Level 3 that consists of 7...
  9. Dog Boarding
    Hi all, new here, I have just been approved my license for home boarding & daycare. I have a (nearly 2), female labrador, she is very friendly with dogs out an about and has been to dog daycare, dog socials etc no problem, we also have the neighbours dogs around a lot which she loves. Ive put...
  10. Ferrets
    Hi everyone, I have just joined pet forums and am looking to meet some like minded ferret owners in London. We have one ferret, a 4 month old female called Tegan, and would like her to get a chance to socialise with other ferrets. If your ferret is a little lonely, we would love to invite them...
  11. Small Animal Chat
    Hi everyone :) For the past two weeks, we've had our four bunnies boarded locally (Cheshire) with a lady who had glowing reviews online and an absolutely lovely lodge and garden for small animals. However, when letting our bunnies out of their transport boxes (she had already packed them up...
  12. Chester Cooling Down

    Chester the Golden Retriever loves water - even the muddy stuff ! Original image on
  13. Archie The Rhodesian Ridgeback

    A beautiful looking and friendly dog who stayed with me for a few days late last summer. More pics on
  14. Devon's Beautiful Countryside

    beautiful Slapton beach in Devon where I exercise my and my customers dogs
  15. Freddie

    This is the adorable Freddie who comes to stay with Agnes who is also a West Highland Terrier, both are so cute :)
  16. Pampered Pooches

    A professional dog boarding service is offered in our lovely Finchley home, where your dog will be loved and looked after. For further details please contact Jason Lurie on 07762091809.
1-18 of 22 Results