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  1. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Guys having spoken to two feline specialists, they say the last lockdown created a sharp rise in cases of FIC (feline idiopathic cystitis). Cats are very sensitive to changes in their environment and the stress it can cause can trigger an inflammatory attack of cystitis. FIC cases do usually...
  2. Cat Health and Nutrition
    I am wanting to understand where the jelly like substance in urine in cats with FIC comes from when they are having an acute attack of cystitis (bladder inflammation). This is sometimes blood-tinged. Is it the bladder lining peeling off due to underlying inflammation? Or is it overactive...
  3. Cat Health and Nutrition
    Hi. my 3 year old cat has been blocked twice (6 weeks ago) and is recovering slowly so not out of the woods yet. He has sandy sediment in his wee, no stones. He is on a royal Canin s/o diet - my question is if I give him other foods I.e mixed in with this so he will take his meds Or give him...
1-3 of 3 Results