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  1. Bird Health and Nutrition
    I’ve got a baby crow (jackdaw), his name is Cain and he is 8months now. He is very lovely and energetic, very smart too, but for some reason he keeps on going every now and then to sit on the radiator on purpose, as if he’s enjoying it, until the moment he opens his wings and mouth and he looks...
  2. Bird Health and Nutrition
    My canary does this sucking noise once in a while, she's been doing it ever since I got her (around six months ago) and always looked fine, always active, sleeps on one leg (I´ve read somewhere that sleeping on both could be a sign of disease), Now that I've searched about this I found that it...
  3. Bird Chat
    Hello, I have a Kākāriki parakeet who is over 5 years old and is quite a unique pet I believe. He has always been healthy even when he had a fall in his cage where he injured his leg and the vets had to amputate the leg as it would cause problems for him later on. His name is Fino, i say he...
  4. Bird Health and Nutrition
    my sister on the weekend (28th) bought 2 lovebird parrots but neither of them have settled, they pull out their feathers and don’t eat a lot and don’t drink. Is it normal for them to still be this stressed? And is there anything that can be done to help them calm down and bond?
  5. Bird Health and Nutrition
    I inherited a male DD last year. He had a partner that died before I picked him up. I bought the largest cage I could find. After about two months I got a female and another very large cage that we joined together to make an even bigger home for them. After a while the female started laying eggs...
1-5 of 5 Results