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  1. Fish and Aquarium Galleries
    Visit our YouTube channel and subscribe & help us to Improv to be a best betta video channel.:) hope you guys enjoy our videos. Sorry for my poor English :( Thank you This is our YouTube channel:Happy Search "Keshi Betta House" on YouTube
  2. Fish Keeping Chat
    In the past few days my betta fish stopped eating and swimming staying at the bottom of the tank and today I woke up to it laying at the bottom of the tank on its side gasping and I'm not sure if its a velvet or fungi infection please help
  3. Fish Keeping Chat
    Would appreciate any help with this. Brought 2 male electric blue ram's, added them to an established tank which amoungst other fish had 1 beautiful blue female betta. 3 days later my betta has disappeared. Should I have not added Rams? I was advised that they would be ok with my betta and...
  4. Fish Keeping Chat
    For the last couple of weeks i’ve been treating my tank for fungi/parasites after i noticed some of the fish flashing/itching. I have 7 mollies, 5 danios, 1 swordtail, 2 corydoras, 3 kuhli loaches and 3 female bettas, 1 of which developed what i think looks like velvet about a week ago. A couple...
  5. Fish Keeping Chat
    I bought my betta a few months ago and I noticed he had the beginnings of fin rot. Not a problem. I started with aquarium salt. The salt made no difference. I've since used melafix, esher 2000, methylene blue, and interpret fin rot and fungus medication.. all to no avail. I moved him from the...
  6. Bear Gils

    My Beautiful Siamese fighting fish !
  7. Bear Gils

    My Beautiful Siamese fighting fish !
1-7 of 7 Results