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  1. Dog Training and Behaviour
    Hello my Belgian malinois x German Shepard 10 month old puppy is refusing to learn to heel whilst on walks. We adopted chaos when he was 7 months old and he is an extremely intelligent boy who has learnt a lot of commands not just by the word but hand gestures too so we can silently get him to...
  2. Dog Training and Behaviour
    Hello everyone, I am Kai, and I live in the Netherlands. For quite some time now, I’ve been looking into different breeds of dogs and their characteristics but I keep getting back at Tervueren Shepherds, with whom I grew up and have fallen in love ever since. Their intelligence, sensitivity...
  3. Dog Rescue and Adoption
    My partner and I rescued our dog Hades from Hilbrae ~2 years ago. He's ~3 years old now, and was malnourished when we got him. To cut a long story short, he isn't good around men, or sudden strangers. He has resource guarding issues, and he used to have separation anxiety, but thet's pretty...
1-3 of 3 Results